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God's Ten Commandments

God gave man Ten Commandments yesterday to be applied today. Every one of them is vital, in all ages. For only by observing them can man live a full life each week; maintain a happy marriage; and function well in his home, his job, and even in the world internationally.

God Himself is the Root of the Moral Law, and perfectly reflects it. Salvation was never by the works of the Law. For even before the fall, man was to keep it out of gratitude for God’s great grace. Unfallen man kept the whole Decalogue. The Sabbath, Marriage, the Forbidden Fruit, and the Tree of Life all reveal it. When man broke God’s Law, he degenerated more and more—from the Fall to the Flood. The Patriarchs kept it, and the Prophets called man back to keep it. So, too, should we.

Christ never broke it. He said He had not come to destroy but to finish building the Law, and that not one jot or tittle of it would ever fail until heaven and earth themselves pass away. (Matthew 5:17–18) Also subsequently, all His Apostles taught it. So, too, did the Early Church Fathers, King Alfred, Luther, Calvin, and even the great Jurist Sir William Blackstone. It is the very basis of the United States of America, and also of every other Common Law nation in the world. True Christians Love to Keep God’s Law. They shall always do so in Heaven. But all unsaved Law-breakers, will end up in Hell. —Rev. Professor-Emeritus Advocate Dr. Francis Nigel Lee
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Judge Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments

Judge Roy Moore is known for standing for the moral law and Ten Commandments. Concerning discussion for the book, Judge Moore wrote the forward of the book, read it:
Dr. Francis Nigel Lee is a man deeply devoted to God. His extensive research and study demonstrates the truth found in Ecclesiastes 12:13, that the fear of God and His Holy Law is what man is all about. Our society, and indeed our civilization, would greatly benefit by a better understanding of the intricate design of God for His creation. Sir William Blackstone in his Commentaries on the Laws of England said it most explicitly, when he stated: Man considered as a creature, must necessarily be subject to the laws of his Creator, for he is entirely a dependent being. I am happy to commend to your reading Dr. Lee’s work God's Ten Commandments: Yesterday, Today, Forever.
—Roy Moore Former Chief Justice, Alabama Supreme Court; President, Foundation for Moral Law, Inc.
—Gerald Christian Nordskog, Ventura, California USA

Dr. Lee has dedicated his book to former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (now known as “The Ten Commandments Judge”) for his courageous stance in upholding The Ten Commandments. Judge Moore initially was thrust into the national spotlight in 1997 when he held his ground against a court order demanding that he remove a tablet of The Ten Commandments, which he had carved by hand and hung on the wall alongside his court bench in Etowah County, Alabama. Eventually this led to his placement of the famous 5280-pound Ten Commandments monument in 2001, and his stance not to cave in to pressure from those who brazenly reject God’s Law as the moral foundation of our legal system. A highly respected Constitutional scholar, Judge Moore served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Alabama from 2001 until he was removed from office for daring to refuse a liberal judge’s unconstitutional court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the State Supreme Court building. This was a historic and heroic stand for God';s Law, The Ten Commandments.
Judge Roy Moore


By King Alfred's own adaptation of those Old-Israelitic case laws to meet the different conditions of early-mediaeval Anglo-Saxon Britain. Compare, for example, Alfred's own laws 11 & 27 & 44-47. Yet, in so adapting, King Alfred clearly preserves and enforces within English Common Law the general equity of those Old-Israelitic judicial laws. To prove this just compare the statements of Mosaic Law with Alfred's Anglo- British Common Law and also with the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Larger Catechism. For the New Testament itself at Matthew 5:5-21f & First Timothy 5:17-21 etc., presupposes inter alia Exodus 20:1 to 23:9f in the Old Testament. Alfred cites Exodus 20:1 to 23:9 as well as Matthew 5:17-19 & 7:1-12 and Acts 11:19-26f & 15:20-29 & 16:4-5.

The Westminster Confession (19:4f) cites Exodus 21:1 to 22:29, as well as Matthew 5:17f and First Corinthians 9:8-10 etc. After recording Exodus 20:1 to 23:9, King Alfred declares: "These are judgments which Almighty God Himself spoke to Moses and commanded him to keep. Now, since the Lord's only begotten Son our God and healing [Saviour] Christ has come to Middle Earth [alias the 'Mediterranean World'] He said that He did not come to break nor to forbid these commandments but to approve them well, and to teach them with all mildheartedness and lowlymindedness." Matthew 5:5-19 cf. the Westminster Confession of Faith 19:5.

Ten Commandments Lawsuit - The Ten Commandments

"Then, after His throes [or 'sufferings'], before His Apostles had gone throughout the Earth to teach, and while they were yet together they turned many heathen nations to God. While they were all together, they sent errand-writing to Antioch and to Syria there to teach Christ's Law [cf. Acts 11:19-26f].... This is then that errand-writing which the Apostles sent to Antioch and to Syria and to Cilicia, which is meet for the heathen nations turned to Christ [cf. Acts 15:20 & 16:4-5]: "'The Apostles and Elder Brethren wish you health! Now we make known to you, that we have heard that some of our fellows have come to you with our words, and that they have commanded you to bear a heavier way [or 'law'] than we enjoined, and that they have too much misled you with manifold injunctions, and have more perverted than corrected your souls. So we assembled ourselves about this. Then, to all of us it seemed right that we should send [to you] Paul and Barnabas men who will give their lives for the Name of the Lord. With them, we send Judas and Silas, so that they may say the same to you.'"

Ten Commandments Law
Ten Commandments Meaning

Alfred then shows that also the Apostles, such as Paul and Barnabas (cf. Acts 14:4- 14f), clearly upheld the 'general equity' of the Law of God. Explained the Apostles: "'It seems good to the Holy Ghost and to us, that we should not impose any burden upon you beyond that which was needful to hold that is, then, that you should refrain from worshipping devil-gilds [or 'idols'], and from tasting blood and stranglings, and from fornication!'" See: Acts 15:23-29 and cf. Exodus 20:2-17.

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