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Golden Rule in the Bible

A lot of thought and prayer went into designing these signs. We found many out there that had five Commandments on each tablet when it is supposed to be four and six. We found some signs with ten Commandments listed straight up and down on one tablet. None of the signs had the entire wording. There is just not enough room on the sign to put the entire wording. We agreed it's not right to misplace, add to, or take away from God's word. You know what we mean.

So we prayed and God answered in an awesome way - while listening to a 40 year old sermon delivered by a Baptist Minister just after prayer came out of the public schools. He made these hard but true statements. Quote: To think that a handful of atheists are responsible for this is ridicules, it was pagans straight out of the bowls and pits of Rome that worked their way into public office just like our forefathers warned us about. And they won't stop there, the Ten Commandments will be next. And they will not stop there either, they will still seek to infiltrate the schools, colleges, universities, government offices, and even protestant pulpits trying to throw God and His law out of everything using false pagan doctrine. End Quote.

Well we've all heard it, the commandments done away with, legalism, faulty, nailed to the cross, old covenant, for the Jews only, Old Testament, on and on and on it goes. All this along with one more statement from that sermon gave us the answer. Here it is. Quote: "Seeing as the Bible's definition of sin is breaking God's ten commandments, (1 John 3:4) and our Lord died because of sin; a broken law. If He was going to do away with them and make sin legal why didn't He do it before the cross and not have had to suffer and die. Furthermore if they are for the Jews only or the Old Testament, why are they all in the New Testament and why are the New Testament writers still keeping, preaching, and teaching them to the Gentiles 30, 40, or even 90 years after the cross. And one more thing he added, Why do we hear no such rhetoric coming from the church in history until several hundred years after the cross when the church of Rome came into power. End Quote.

If that sounds familiar, the Pastor just quoted Martin Luther who had a few other choice words to say about all of this. We believe God has lead us into a Spirit of Protestant reform in designing these signs. Because some of the wording differs on some of the Commandments from the Old to the New Testament, we believe this not only passes the test but also is a witnessing tool that shoots down all those Pagan theories. You be the judge.



If there was ever a time for Protestants to stand up and be Protestants, especially since the very definition of the word is to protest the false teaching of the church of Rome, as much as we love the people caught in error, who is going to make the cry to come out of Babylon/confusion if we don't carry on the banner of truth.


Some of us were there when the Ten Commandments which state God is the Creator were jerked from the school walls and replaced with (Religion) Evolution, and we have watched it go downhill ever since. All of us know what has been happening with Judge Moore's stand, which gave birth to these signs going up in yards across America - estimated to be at about 20-30 thousand a day.


Some areas saturated like here in Upstate SC are just beginning but are sure to catch fire. The Ten Commandments have never been a hotter issue since God burned them into the two tablets with His finger on Mount Sinai. We as Christians should be willing to make it even hotter. Praise God for people and men like Judge Moore who are willing and even anxious to take a stand for the Lord on this. People are fed up, both Christians and non-Christians alike, willing to voice their opinion with these signs. That is what makes the signs much more than a successful fundraising tool, much more than a political move, which we all know is important.


We have caught the vision on how God is using these signs along with people's attitudes on this as a key that unlock the doors of the lost. Allowing us to walk in and take the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have set up on the side of the road selling them in areas like Ocoee County, SC, where Christians have started to put them in their yard, and drunks pull up with the backseat full of beer wanting to buy them. Praise God we have crashed weekend beer party cookouts, got donations from half the people there, even had one man take up a collection while we waited at the door, and got our Bible study guides in their hands - praise God!


One enthusiastic man in northeast Georgia was able to sign up 25 people per day for personal Bible studies in their home. After a hard week's work of going door to door, he had more trouble going church to church trying to get Christians to follow up than he did signing up the lost to do Bible studies. Praise God, attitudes are changing there too.


Once people get out there and see how this works you can't stop them, especially young people. They don't know that Jehovah witnesses are the only ones who are supposed to do that. Countless examples we could give you. Maybe God is saying to His people that there is more to the art of soul winning than getting them into church any way you can and let the pastors do the soul winning. We are convinced that all of our able body members need to be out there getting that spiritual exercise that they can't get from TV, radio or from us at worship service; they have got to go out and get it for themselves.


Do you see what we mean by how God uses this to sure up the church foundation? He is bringing us back to the way that the churches were built to begin with. An almost lost art left behind to a certain group with a false message. Maybe He wants us to take the streets back. We own the airways where most of the lost are not. What about fighting the battle down in the trenches where they are?


We know we have our marching orders to take the Gospel. We know the final battle comes down to who we will follow - God or man.  He must have known that word "follow" would get complicated, that is why He made it simple for us, "If you love Me, keep My Commandments.We know He made it simple in one verse who would be carrying out the marching orders and screaming come out of Babylon (confusion). We know the Ten Commandments can't save anyone. We don't keep them to be saved, rather because we are saved. 


A Love Relationship. He proved He loved us on cavalry and now asks us to prove we love Him. NKJ says, "If you love Me you will keep My commandments. Could this be a sign between God and us that He is our God and we are His people that keep His commandments?


Some say it's just a piece of plastic being used by the churches to make money. We say He's making the rocks cry out. Can God make a piece of plastic cry out if He wants to? It's not the plastic sign, the t-shirt, the bumper stickers, the TV news or Judge Moore. That's just the tools He is using.  It's what is written on the plastic that He wrote with His own finger in our hearts and on two rocks long ago. He is making the rocks cry out. Stone cold awesome. 


Judge Moore didn't start a trend with his stand, God did. He is opening doors for us and kicking them down. He is even opening the door of our own heart. Have you noticed that since this started with Judge Moore we don't hear anymore of these false pagan teachings of the Commandments being done away with, especially from Protestant pulpitsThose that do, stand out like a swore thumb as false. He is even pointing out the Jesuits. Take it to the bank, when these signs go up they will surface. 


In Franklin County, Georgia, a church claiming to be Protestant put a whole page ad in the newspaper saying all the Christians with signs in their yard were committing blasphemy. Imagine that, Gods Ten Commandments blasphemy. But all the other churches saw through it. 


If there was no other sign - no TV, radio, satellites - pointed at the world like rockets launching the Gospel doors opening in communist countries all over the world, some just long enough to get the Gospel in. No other signs except people coming back to the Bible, back to the truth on the two most simple Bible doctrines that there are Salvation and The Ten Commandments which go hand in hand should let us know something. We certainly don't want to jump God's timing but judging what He is doing in the minds of people, could it be like the first bands of a hurricane coming on shore? You know what we're saying.  Are we on the verge of the kingdom? You be the judge.

A Bible Concordance is helpful.


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Psalm 2:1-3

The Messiah’s Triumph and Kingdom

1 Why do the nations rage,
         And the people plot a vain thing?
2 The kings of the earth set themselves,
         And the rulers take counsel together,
         Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying,
3 “Let us break Their bonds in pieces
         And cast away Their cords from us.”

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